Monday, March 9, 2009

Tonight's Dessert

I am SO NOT a fancy cook like many of you that are my faithful readers! I didn't have anything to blog today and I was making a dessert for tonight so decided to play a little. I NEED to practice with my camera settings as well as wanting to not JUST make PUDDING!
So made chocolate mousse then played with my camera.

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. sarah . said...

Looks good to me :)

Porters said...

That looks delicious! I'll be right over!! :)

Candace said...

Chocolate mousse is fabulous! Love the accessorizing you did!

SIS said...

Just had breakfast, and it still looks good enough to eat. Presentation, presentation, presentation!

Anonymous said...

Okay you know I love chocolate and while I am at work (where I never eat sweets or goodies) this is just way unkind.....just kidding....or maybe not