Monday, October 27, 2008

Spanish Nursery

Sunday afternooons I work in the Spanish nursery too.
I really enjoy these little ones,as much as I do our English babies.
This is Ruby (L)
We have had her since she was about a yr old.
Brianna(R) is our Spanish pastor's little one.

This little one has been coming off and on.
Her family is starting to become more faithful

The last few months we have needed to start having Spanish ladies help.
It has been such a blessing to get to know these ladies. This is Ruth. We have had her little girl in the nursery for a couple of yrs. She speaks as much ENGLISH as I do SPANISH.... A few words at BEST. I will admit, it is pretty hard to VISIT, but we do manage to communicate on the nursery "essentials". She is such a sweet lady !

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing for the Spanish Mom's too have great child care while getting wonderful PREACHING.