Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!

My BABY is 30 today! That just doesn't seem possible!
God blesses me with two boys then gave me this beautiful little girl.
Now she has grown into a beautiful woman and
I can't begin to list everything (you might think I was BRAGGING :O) )
Let's just say that she is an amazingly giving, talented, loving person.....
I hope you all enjoy looking back through the years with me....
The day we came home from the hospital,
Dubia, United Arab Emirites
4 mo.
1 yr old
aprox. 5 yrs old
7 yrs old with a new birthday doll
Sarah and Bryn
Sarah and her dog alex
Around 16 with Ten ( who would have guessed they would be sisters, NOW!)
Steve and Sarah
March 19,1999
Happy Birthday, Sis!
Mom loves ya more than words can express !!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah Happy Birthday! I am glad God gave you to your Mom and I know that your are an extra special blessing to your Mom.

The Cope's said...

Sarah is an extraordinary girl, but some credit has to go to her momma. I see so many beautiful qualities in her that come from you.

photoeye said...

Thanks so much almost made me cry. So many memories in those pictures. Love you!

Annika said...

You do have a beautiful daughter, inside and out. I am so glad I am able to call her friend. ANnika