Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Hat October Event

Saturday, October 11th the Red Hatters converged on
Coralridge mall, incognito. We just decided to be a group of ladies
going shopping and out to eat. We started with our favorite stores. We had
a very sweet Christina Boos waiting on us at CJ Banks! (Oh... a side line for you girls that made purchases...Chris said "Thank You"! She made her quota thanks to YOU !)
Notice the QUEEN of BARGINS has TWO bags of clothes
from her favorite store. I told her she will be
the best dressed lady at Ladies Spectacular this week!

Putting our feet up to relax

before hitting the stores again!

My ABSOLUTE favorite resturant was the next stop


After a little more shopping we headed to the coffee shop
and then on home....For everyone but me....
I headed to the Hay ride.... Another post....

For more picture of our event go to

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Anonymous said...

What a good day the Lord gave us. The weather was perfect and the friends make the day....