Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please Pray ...

... For this Precious Lady!
My Pastor's wife,
My Mentor,
My example!
I love this lady MORE than I can tell you and she needs our prayers!
A couple of weeks ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She has been on a roller coaster ever since. First it seemed VERY serious. Then the next report seemed VERY positive! THEN THE NEXT report, The one last Friday is that THERE IS MORE cancer..... Iowa City could not determine WHERE, BUT it's THERE FOR SURE! The good news is that because they can't locate it, it appears that WHEREEVER it is, it's in the early stages. God has worked a miracle and they are heading to Mayo Clinic in the Morning. Please share this with anyone that you know will pray. She and her family NEEDS our prayers during this time. Thank You!

Dianne was given this little "Cancer" bear for encouragement.

What a sweet gift!

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