Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Family Christmas

We had such a nice Christmas this year. Christmas Eve, Myron and I arrived at Nate and Ten's. Sarah had already arrived..... The girls were busy making homemade pizzas.
We spent the evening eating, visiting, remenissing, playing games, watching Andy Griffith, and the boys got to open one present.

Christmas Morning the kids bundled up for a run and Dad decided to go along!
He only went 7 blocks but I was proud of him !! What a trooper.... It was COLD out there !!!
The kids run so much I think they are pretty used to it... although Sarah got picture of ice on her eye lashes and on Nate's beard... BURRRRR !
After the kids got back and warmed up, we had breakfast, devotions,( read by Reed, Ryan and Nate)
opened gifts.... then more eating, watching Andy and Barney....AND several had naps through the day.....
Just a wonderful relaxed day!!!! The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Aaron had been able to be home from North Dakota !!! Maybe NEXT year !!!
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