Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knee Replacement Surgery

The New Year brought much anticipation with it! I have been needing a knee replacement for a long time and the time finally arrived January 2nd.
I was a little nervous, but I knew that the Lord was in control of the outcome and that I had a GREAT surgeon as well!
Since I knew that things would be a blur and that several family members would want to be involved in the process, Sarah and my mom kept a photo diary of the time in the hospital and therapy.

Getting all ready for MY day

On my way to surgery with a kiss from my sweetheart

Fast forward about 36 hours..... ( trust me, you didn't want to see the pictures during that time :O) )
This was my day nurse and she was the best nurse I have ever had !!!

....and then there was "SEARG" Marcia was my therapist and she was called Searg !!!
She was tough BUT... as tough and gruff as she was..... she was VERY good and made it as much fun as it could have been!

My surgeon, Dr. Lash !!! He is the BEST !!!

Many friends and family paid visits, sent cards, sent flowers and gifts
Made a girl feel loved !!!

Got home on the 5th.... Myron's Dad loaned me his extra lift chair and what a blessing....
All snuggled in for the day

Therapy with a "saddlebag" of sorts that I rest over my knee with a 5 lb bag of sugar on either side, to try to straighten my leg

THEN... Monday, Wed and Friday I go to Fairfield for therapy with Brian.
He is VERY good BUT... OH does it get intense !!!!!

He even calls in reinforments to "torture" me :O)
I am progressing and things are going VERY well!

I am continuing th gain strength each day and praise God for answered prayer concerning my sugery and healing. I am already walking SO much better than I have in years !!!
God is SO good !!!
Thank you to all those that have prayed, and sent messages, cards, meals calls, visited and showed me their love in so many ways !!!
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