Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Memorial Day, Myron was out trimming and moved a piece of metal left over from the remodel and he found 6 kitties almost a week old. We knew the momma had, had her babies just didn't know where. Then it got wet there the next week and she moved them. We had looked ALL over for them and couldn't find them anywhere. Monday we found them and figured she would keep them there until they were big enough to get out and play. This morning Myron opened the front door . THERE in front of the door were these six healthy beautiful kittens! We wondered why she had moved them again and sure enough.... there was water running from where they had been. Now we have them safe and sound AND dry!!!
Shock of all shocks though....two are Siamese! LOVE the BLUE eyes ! I called a neighbor and sure enough she had seen a Siamese not far from here a few weeks ago. What cuties !!!
NOW I will be boring you again THIS summer with cute little kitten pics !

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