Monday, June 13, 2011


Do any of you have a quiet, serious ( most of the time) husband that just has SO much on his mind that he doesn't cut up very often? I DO !!! AND... When I see him at THESE times I LOVE it, to the point that it almost brings tears to my eyes !
I was ready to take pictures of our church's rodeo yesterday and saw him talking to My "Wilma-Friend's Fiance', Dave and Jim Frier..... I started to just get a picture THEN Myron spotted me and my LONG lens pointed in his direction! I have NO idea where he got the balloon but he started playing "peek a boo" with the balloon so I couldn't get a picture of his face....When I see him hiding from me ( and my camera) it just makes me that much more determined to get the picture :O) These just make me laugh out loud !!!

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