Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 Kids, 6 Women, and 3 Dogs

A week ago yesterday I went to a "party" at Sarah's :O) Our friend Candace was home from Tenn. and we wanted to get a bunch of us together to visit, so Marion, with her four kids, Candace with her 3 kids, Tenille with her 2 kids, and Beth with her 2 boys met at Sarah's for a day of fun and fellowship! Considering how many kids there were it was a great day... Everyone played SO well together. Sarah's is the perfect place too. There was plenty of things to do. Swing sets, soccer, scavenger hunts, and the biggest hit of all the trampoline !!!!
Check out Travis's tongue :O)

It was a beautiful day but very windy SO we had an indoor picnic

silly girls.... I haven't heard that much giggling in years.... so fun !!!

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Candace said...

Bucket loads of energy overflowing that day...and yes, Sarah has the perfect place for it all to happen!