Monday, January 25, 2010

With The Lord

I find this a very hard post to write. Firstly because I am SO sad to say "goodbye".
Secondly, HOW do you describe a lady like Dianne Brown???????
A soul-winning CHRISTIAN!
A godly LADY!
An incredible WIFE!
A marvelous MOTHER!
A fun -loving FRIEND!

Was she perfect? NO.... BUT I honestly have never known anyone that was any more of an example of the Proverbs 31 Lady!
Our hearts, at Marion Ave. are very saddened as we miss her SO very much! Yet, how can we be sad for her. She is in Heaven now!
She not only is seeing her mother, son, grandchildren,brother, many other friends and loved ones...but most of all her SAVIOUR... She has seen Jesus FACE TO FACE!!!
Please keep Preacher and his family in your prayers, as well as our church family, during this very difficult time. Also I want to thank many of you that have prayed during Dianne's serious illness.
God is ALWAYS GOOD !!!
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. sarah . said...

Praying for you and all the church family...

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

"Heaven's sounding sweeter all the time!"
Praying for the browns and church family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candace said...

I am so thankful to have the honor of knowing Mrs. Brown and the example she left behind for us to follow.
Praying for Pastor Brown and family!

Sarah said...

Praying for you all.

Sherri said...

I never realized before that you attend Marion Avenue Baptist Church! My husband knew the Browns well when he was growing up. His family is from Cedar Rapids. Bro. Brown also spoke at Fairhaven while we were there. We have been praying for Mrs. Brown with our church back in Montana AND the one we attend here in Wisconsin. It's a small, small world! =-)

Quick question, I can't remember her last name, but does a woman named Tenille who attended Fairhaven Baptist College go to your church? I thought I recognized her in one of the pictures on the church's website.

We will continue to pray and pass on the information that she is finally home!