Monday, September 21, 2009


What a WHIRLWIND weekend I have had and though the weekend is over my WHIRLWIND Isn't !!!
This is one of my favorite times of year and this year is no exception! This week is our Church's 36th anniversary and we always have a carnival on Anniversary Sunday. This year we did the bus kids' carnival on Saturday. WELL... ALSO on Saturday, Nate ran in a 5 K race. AND Jim and Patricia's wedding reception was in the afternoon. SO By 8 a.m. I was in Washington for the race that started at 9 ... As soon as it was over I flew over to the fairgrounds and took pictures of the carnival for the church website. Then at 12:30 headed to Burlington for the reception. Yesterday was a very special Sunday. It was Friend and Family day. After the service there was a dinner for the Jolly 60's at the church and the rest of the church went out to the carnival.... This was the first year our church families have been able to go to the carnival together !! It was SO much fun!!! Our families really enjoyed "doing" the carnival TOGETHER!!! Then after the Spanish service let out they came over and the fun continued !!! The carnival was over at 4 and was cleaned up in record time... The evening service started at 6:30 and was a very special end to the day BUT not the week. Tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night we will be having wonderful services with Dr. Clarence Sexton and Dr.Bobby Roberson. SO as you can see...taking pictures of all the events and cooking for the BIG potluck tomorrow has left me little time to blog..... Hopefully I will be able to catch you up a little bit on the activites, Wed. or Thurs.... Have a wonderful week everyone, and forgive any typos as I ususally proof read everything, BUT today... I am OUT THE DOOR :O)

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Candace said...

Busy, busy, busy...
Eager to see more! :)

SIS said...

So who knocked whom off? Good pics.