Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few of My Favorites

I have been doing some playing around with my picasa editing (can't do the photoshop thing yet)
I enjoyed touching these up.... These were my favorite photos of the day,even before I "fixed" them.

SO happy !

I don't know why but I LOVED this one..
and it looked like an OLD wedding photo so decided to MAKE IT ONE

YES, I KNOW I posted this one yesterday...What can I say ?!?! This one I didn't do anything to... I loved it the minute I saw it...
They chose the Little Brown Church because it was so neat,and I took the shot so we could SEE the church... It WORKED :O)

Again.... Not sure WHY but loved this one...
If I named this one I think it would be "Content" I love how she has her hand through his arm AND on his hand... LOVE IT !!!

To see the rest of the wedding photos, visit my Smugmug
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