Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IT'S RUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of you KNOW that our good car has been broke down for over a year and a half..... Many times it has been a real struggle since our other car has almost 320,000 miles on it and is not real trustworthy even though it hasn't given us ANY trouble, at that mileage it is inevidible!! It has been a LONG time coming , BUT... today about 12 :30 Myron called me and said to grab the camera and meet him out front.... I squealed a little and ran outside just in time to see...

THIS beautiful sight !!!!!!!

We are driving it to church tonight !!!!!!!
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. sarah . said...

Yeah, I'd say it's about time, but I don't want to hurt dad's feelings either, I know he's just been so busy. But I'm glad your wheels are rolling again!!

Candace said...

And I saw it last night! :)
You looked VERY thrilled, Saundra!