Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If you ever get to Ames Iowa...

...be sure to eat at Hickory Park !!!!
It's known for it's BBQ and it's ice cream.
VERY reasonably priced and every thing on the menu is wonderful.
The atmosphere is similar to Cracker Barrel.
It's GREAT food, at a Great price, in a Great setting !!!
There is always a wait ! I have waited for 20 minutes to an hour ,BUT it is worth the wait.
You just need to be prepared for it.
These two are waiting patiently :O)

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Candace said...

The decor does look like the Cracker Barrel. There are SO many places I've heard about in De Moines(is that spelled right?) and Ames that I would like to try. :)

photozmom said...

It is really just a fun place to eat!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Hickory Park is an incredible place to eat. My husband is from Gilbert (North of Ames). I am from Monticello Iowa. He introduced me to Hickory Park when we were dating. That was about 17 years ago. Since then we got married, moved to Germany (in the military) and now live in Maryland. We eat there when we come back to visit his folks. Great food. Thanks for the picktures. God bless you!

tiff said...

yummy! that looks delect!

you guys look like you had a grand time!