Thursday, September 19, 2013

Once again the months have flown by and blogging has fell behind! We have subtracted and added and subtracted again in our "kitty math"! I don't even thin I could keep the story straight at this point.
   Sadly our wonderful momma cat got ran over a couple of weeks after my last post. Her older kitten( about three yrs old) has taken her place by having a couple of of them was gone almost instantly, then the other one was around for a couple of months and has disappeared. That momma has replaced the old momma and is still nursing the orphans. A couple of weeks ago we brought two more orphans from Myron's sister's that she had been struggling to keep alive. Momma #2, started nursing them within a few days after they came.... So all is well on the kitty front at the moment..... Total cat count at the Hoffert cat house is NINE.
     The end of  June Myron's precious father went to be with The Lord. I was able to spend a large part of the last two weeks with him and 24/7 the last week with family giving me a break a little here and a little there. There was no where else I would have rather even those days!! I moved into the nursing home and I have to tell you WE got the best care imaginable !! They took as much care of me that last week as they did Dad!! What a blessing!
    Back at home we settled into our regular routine after the funeral and family time.  Back to a normal schedule at church working in nursery again.... Then I got really sick with bronchitis and that lasted about three weeks.    Honestly that pretty much catches you up on our summer.... Now, hopefully I will get back in the blogging mode, again......hope you all have had a great summer!

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markandmarinda said...

Hey! to tell you the truth I was wondering where you were. I miss you allot!!! :) have a GREAT winter... I know I will cause I LOVE winter. I can't wait to see you at the Christmas play!!! ;) love you!

Sarah Ebersole