Friday, June 7, 2013

Kitty Math continues !!!

   Everything stayed the same until yesterday afternoon.... Then the guy that mows for us came and started right around the front porch...WHERE the kittens were.....they scattered!!! I couldn't get to them fast enough to get them all gathered into the tote and into the house..... I managed to get all but ONE ( one of mama's)......:O(  Myron and I both hunted and couldn't find it anywhere.....went to bed last night still missing one...... got up the morning and there were SEVEN !!!! YEP !!! Mama had found the one....AND brought another one up....NO pictures at this point. NOW .....then next question remains to be seen.....Is there still an 8th it still alive....will Mama bring it up eventually?????? Stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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markandmarinda said...

Hi Miss Hoffert!!!
This is Lizzie are you doing?? How are the kittens? They must be pretty big by now! We have allot of kittens also.../: (: Miss you!!!