Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heartland Quartet Reunion

Myron was asked probably about 15 yrs ago or more to be in a quartet at our church. We both enjoyed him being in the group SO much.... These men and their wives were friends of ours and we were all so comfortable with one another. They made a couple of cds and really enjoyed their practices and singing together!!! They mainly sang for our church but did sing a few times other places. We all grew close, then about 10 yrs ago Dan and Carmen moved away and they haven't been able to sing together again until This week! Dan and Carmen are on deputation to go to Mexico as missionaries and are in the area on deputation and are visiting family for Thanksgiving.
They are going to present their work at our church on Sunday night, so Preacher asked the quartet if they would  sing for about a half hour before our evening service. We met at Kevin and Lori's for supper last night and then the guys practiced for several hours.
I am sure some of you will feel like some of these pictures are dedundant, BUT check out the facial expressions in the pictures! Those of you that have seen them sing before and that know the guys will enjoy the expressions and interactions!
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Beth Ann said...

I love this! Such awesome memories, and you were right about the facial expressions! Priceless!