Monday, January 30, 2012

A Week Going Down Memory Lane!

I spent last week with my folks. What a time we had! For Christmas my brother & his wife and Myron & I gave my folks a slide converter. My folks took slides most of our growing up years until they got their digital camera. You cannot imagine HOW MANY slides they have!!! I hooked it up to my computer because there are some issues with the folk's. We literally worked Wed- Saturday morning. We took off time for coffee breaks, meal times and time to sleep. Otherwise we were right where we are in these pictures. We did take Thurs and Friday evenings off for a movie each night. We are really going to enjoy seeing all these slides transformed into a digital photo to be enjoyed much easier.
Mom organizing the photos she had on her computer
and we got them backed up onto cds
I stayed busy with the slides, then editing the pictures
once we got them on the computer

This machine is SO easy to use!!!
Here's the box in case there are some of you that want to find one!
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