Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deano's Birthday AND Fourth of July

Yesterday was our friend, Dean's birthday so we had a little birthday party for him and then celebrated the Fourth too. What a great time we had.
Giving the birthday boy hugs !
Then we had a picnic
Dave and Wilma AND Wilma's mom ( I didn't realize I cut her out, Poor mom!) joined us for lunch.
Dean went inside to the AC and Dave headed home to do some work and us girls headed to the pool
We were in there for several hours and just wanted to let you know we all ended up RED...except Kia....:O)
While waiting for supper, Brownie entertained us by playing "peek a boo"
I think I could have watched him all evening.... He also "smiled" for us, but I never could get a picture of it... he was too fast.

Then we had a great spaghetti supper with garlic toast that was JUST right !
Evidently that was a BIG deal at their house :O)

Thanks Deano and Suz ! It was SO much fun !!!
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