Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After 15 YEARS ! Somethings NEVER Change !

When Sarah was 13 mo. old we moved to Watonga, Ok. and next door to this lady. Kim had a little girl 5 days older than Sarah and IMMEDIATELY we became VERY close friends! Our homes were almost extensions of the other, we were together so much!
We lived there for three years then we moved... before too long they did too. We still stayed in touch. Before we moved to Iowa in '90, Kim and the kids came to say goodbye.
Then in '96 ( the girls' senior yr) they came to Iowa for a visit. That was the last time we saw each other UNTIL last weekend!!!
Kim had to come to SE Iowa on some business, so she stayed with us and we DID have a time !
Thirty years ago Five-Alive juice came to Okla. and we had to try it.
I made blueberry pancakes for the kids quite a bit back then so, we made a "tradition" of
Five Alive and Blueberry pancakes.
Every once in a while Kim will get homesick and calls me. She doesn't say HI or anything
just "orders" some Pancakes and Five-Alive.
SO Saturday AND Sunday mornings we continued the tradition! :O)

Hurry Back, Miss Kim !!!
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