Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Evening with the Courtneys

Last Friday afternoon and evening I went out to the Courtney's to spend some time. It had been YEARS since we had spent much time together, so it was really a wonderful time!
When I arrived I was greeted by Izzy. Isn't she just the cutest !!!
Very much "Mama's dog" !
The twins and Samuel along with a friend built quite the battlefield in the living room.
Mark...Being HIMSELF !!!
The last of 8 adorable puppies ( the rest have been given away)
Betting who was going to win the game of speed scrabble
a "friendly" game ?!?!!?

My "LITTLE" boys that are now TALLER than Aunt Saundra
The girls are catching up to me too !
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. sarah . said...

Aw, great pictures. They are so grown up!