Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall At Our House

Our trees are just beautiful each fall, and this year was no exception! Thought I had better get outside and get these pictures because with the rain and wind we have been having the last few days they are falling FAST !! Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!

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. sarah . said...

Beautiful! I just went out and took some of ours this morning too, I'll be posting soon :)

Candace said...

The trees here are just beginning to change colors...your beautiful picturesque autumn post, Saundra, has inspired me to get out take some pictures of the scenery here. :)

Photozgran said...

The windmill picture is headed for my Card File. Great pictures. When we have so much beauty here on earth,we can't imagine what Heaven will be like.

SIS said...

Only God could make green leaves turn to such beautious tints and hues. Isn't it just fabulous that we have such quality photos of such beauty to preserve it in our minds when all is white and grey??
Thanks for sharing.