Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Surprise Partys in One Day!

The 11th was Dianne's Birthday. Yesterday, Beth had arranged to have lunch with Dianne at Pizza Hut. What Dianne didn't know was that all the deacon's wives and staff wives were there too!
Beth was waiting patiently for Dianne in the main dining room.

The rest of us were in the back room, HIDING :O)

She's HERE.... NOW for the surprise

We went out, got up behind her and started singing
Happy Birthday!!

Then we headed to the back room for the fun

The Loot !

Then last night during church a "VERY IMPORTANT" meeting was announced for after church.
EVERYONE was to attend.
We GOT HER.... AGAIN! TWICE in the SAME day !!!

Happy Birthday, Dianne ! Hope it was a GREAT one! We love you !
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Coffee Bean said...

You got some really good pictures! I LOVE the ones of the girls hiding especially the one of Charity peeking over the table!!! Good job! We sure did have a good time!

Anonymous said...

What a special day for Diane. Your such a good friend to all