Thursday, August 27, 2009

Butterfly After The Rain

Today I went for another walk around the yard in between rains, I didn't have my new, long lens on my camera or it would have been a better picture, BUT after I got it on the computer and cropped it, I saw that I had caught a couple of rain drops still on the flower and stems. So that made it special. What special blessings God gives us in tiny little packages! All we have to do is "crop" things down so we can "Focus" on the details!
"Thank you, Lord for your blessings on me!"Align Center


SIS said...

Your pictures are so marvelous that I think you should have Katie's print shop turn them into calendars for family and friends as Christmas gifts. She can have birthdays on there, holidays, and your beautiful pictures. (I really don't know the cost though, but that was what struck me when I have seen your recent fantastic photos!)

Photozgran said...

Thanks for the thought of needing to focus more on the small things that God gives us; to realize all of the blessing we have. Picture was great too.