Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweet Girls !

About 5 years ago I met one of the sweetest families from California when they came out to Iowa for a wedding. They came early and I was the photographer for the wedding so was around for a LOT of the festivities, and got aquainted with the couple and her LITTLE girls!
The girls and I have kinda kept in contact a little through the yrs.
Fast forward 5 yrs ... They had heard about our OUR TIME Youth Conference and decided they wanted to come.
They are the Hiatt's family and were staying with Jim and Patricia.
Patricia asked if I would like to go to pick them up at the airport and I jumped at the chance.
Then Patricia and the girls sat with me for the whole conference and I enjoyed that SO much.

They have grown into precious, godly young ladies and it was a joy to get better aquainted with them!
Cassidy participated in the music competition and got 2nd place....
They worked at the table for Golden State Baptist College too.

Thank you Cassidy and Courtney for including me in your time here! Love you both!

After the first night the girls came and gave me a treat from Californina
HOW thoughtful !!!!

Blue Diamond Jordan Almonds straight from
Sacramento, Ca!
Thank you girls!!!
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