Monday, June 18, 2012

Puff and Bobbi Hopper

My Wilma-Friend's kitty just had a littler of kittens.... they really didn't need anymore cats ( NOT that we did either, but I wanted some new "color" in our menagerie!! :O)   )
So I told her if they were yellow or calico I would LOVE to have them....
Coming from a yellow mama it was a safe bet I was getting some new kitties!
When Puff was tiny, she looked just like "Puff" from the Dick and Jane books I grew up with....

Bobbi has NO tail.... she got that trait from her mama.
She is SO cute... because of not having a tail she HOPS when she starts running!

I am SURE once again, I will probably bore everyone with new kitten  pictures for a while!!!  
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