Monday, May 21, 2012

Granny Basketball

Saturday I did some I had wanted to do for several yrs and had never been able to.
I went to a Granny Basketball game!
There is an actual league!
It is primarily in Iowa but is in other states too.
It is a six on six game with the rules of 1920's and 30's.
It is played on a 3-court floor
one court of forwards, one for centers, and one for guard. The centers can not cross the line on either side but can pass the ball from either line.
Players MUST be atleast 50 and there are players in the league in their 80's and 90's!!!
They also have adjusted some of the rules to compliment the phyical ablitlies of the players.
Uniform rule is VERY strict!
sailor collars, middy blouses and bloomers. NO skin can show other than face, neck and lower arms and hands!
NO RUNNING! ( It will be called like a travel)
NO JUMPING, one foot must be on the floor at all times (Another whistle call)
if someone falls  there is a whistle and you will hear

These are from the game before my friend played

The announcer, announces the teams just like in a REAL game :O)

GO PAT !!! 

The "Centers" waiting at their line 

Got your curiosity up??
Check out the website to find out more   
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