Tuesday, March 27, 2012

98th Birthday Project

My precious Father In Law is turning 98 in a little over a week!
Can you imagine?!?!?
Sarah and I have been putting together a dvd for him of memories.
Of course (as usual) I am going through TONS of pictures to find just the right ones. I keep finding SO many treasures. Some we will use, some we won't but had to share some of my FAVORITES with you !

Happy Wedding Day...May 25, 1941
LOOK at that smile !!!
Dad has had three Harley Davidsons in his lifetime.
I THINK this one is #2
Myron's mother passed away in '69 so I never got to meet her.
Myron has told me SO much about her!
One of the things he told me that brings tears to my eyes was that SHE was the one that encouraged him to ask me out!
( She knew my parents and grandparents.)
She was SO beautiful!
Myron's mom
I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my
FAVORITES pics from Myron's family Album.
I will be posting more around Dad's birthday.
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