Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Church With A HEART

Last Sunday was our "Valentine Sunday" at church. Many hours were put in to make this
GINORMOUS Heart for our bus kids ( and our own church kiddos too!)
There were 360 full sized candy bars on the heart....
Such doesn't look like that many, right?!?! That shows just how BIG the heart really was !
The acrostic is just PERFECT!
Sunday morning there was a LOT of help pinning the candy bars on...
.This was the beginning
Then more help came!
The finished heart
At the end of the service the children and teens
filed through to get their candy

It's always a joy to see all the children from all the ministries
file through..... They just keep coming and coming
It brings tears to my eyes to see all the children we are reaching.
Thank you, Lord for our Faithful bus workers!!
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