Saturday, October 1, 2011

You NEVER want to miss one of our services !

I LOVE our church! You NEVER know what is going to happen in a service! ( Well OTHER than GREAT music AND GREAT preaching !!!)
Last Sunday night we had a special from a "SPECIAL" group of ladies !!!
The week before ( as his father did many years ago) our preacher announced that
"THE LARGE LADIES group" was going to sing! (of course he MEANT in number of ladies NOT in the size of the ladies:O)
SO (as in the many years ago) the ladies decided to sing again,
This time AS large ladies ! The song they sang was " I just found out Jesus loves LARGE girls"
What a GREAT skit and the funniest part was that some of the husbands didn't know it was going to happen !!!!
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