Monday, September 19, 2011

A "Deer" Panora Visit

A couple of weeks ago I made a little trip West to visit family.
Monday I visited with Myron's Dad then over to visit Nadine and her family.Then got to my folk's and stayed there until Thurs. when I went to my brother, Mark's to visit him and his wife.On Friday I headed home and stopped in Iowa City to visit with my adopted parents.
Strange enough with all the family and friends I was able to visit with, I didn't take ONE photo of a person the whole week!
MOST of the friends and family were probably very happy not to get "shot" by my camera this visit, so you won't get to see ANY people on this post!

BUT I did get some very DEER pictures in two separate places!
These first pictures were out my folk's office window! They have a momma with a set of Triplets and then a set of twins! They come real often and never at a regular time of day. They only came once while I was there and though I was thankful for that I would have LOVED to have them come every day!

Heading across the street to visit Peggy :O)
Then Mom and I went out to Lake Panorama to "Deer Lane" that evening.
We saw right at 20 ( usually in groups of two or three) in a four or five block area.

The sun was just going down when I took this one and the sun was hitting this one just perfectly.

Since I gave everyone a break from my camera this trip NEXT time they will HAVE to cooperate and let me take their pictures....RIGHT ?!!?!?!?!?!
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