Thursday, August 25, 2011

MORE "Birthday Lovin' "

Tuesday and Wednesday were really special days for me!
Tues. Nate and the boys took me to Carlos O Kellys for a late lunch, then I headed out to Sarah's for the night.... We put in a movie, had popcorn and edited pictures on our laptops.
THAT'S our kind of hanging out :O)
Then After coffee and an "egg in the hole" breakfast we headed to Iowa City ...
Shopped a little, Coffee break....... more shopping..... Lunch..... a visit with some adopted relatives, MORE coffee and back home....
I LOVE my time with my kid's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reed and Grandma enjoying chips and salsa !

Nate and Ryan waiting for their FOOD ( they had their share of chips too :O) )
My lunch
Full tummy.... time for a nap on the way home :O)

Wed. Lunch with my girl !
Chipotle is one of Sarah's favorites...
I had never been there BUT WILL AGAIN !
Look at that yummy lunch !
Thanks, Kids for the memorable birthday dates !!!
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