Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Time Youth Conference

Do you ever get frustrated because there is NO way to say how you feel OR condense two INCREDIBLE days into a few pics and a few thoughts.... THAT is right where I am today.
Five years ago our wonderful assistant pastor ( NOW our soon to be pastor) got a vision for our young people. The older preachers, missionaries and workers were getting older and our young people just didn't seem to have the desire to take up the torch and carry on...
Four yrs ago Bro. Joe and MABC held the first OUR TIME youth conference.
All the speakers and musicians were in their 20's. It was a great success....
This last Thurs. and Friday was the fourth Our Time.
Each yr it has grown! Numbers are getting bigger, but more than that... the preaching just keeps getting better... the vision is bigger... what God is doing is getting BIGGER ! Over 20 accepted Christ as Saviour... Many were called to preach and others got their hearts right with God.
A side note is that there has even been an Our Time in Africa this yr too. Bro, Joe and three teen boys from our church went to help Missionary Jerry Wyatt III hold his first Our Time. They had more that 270 and over 100 of those teens were in the church service the following Sunday. As you can see, I am just "eaten up" over this amazing conference and what God is doing through it.
I could NOT begin to choose pictures to post SO, I took pictures of the crowd and the preachers and will let you go to
Http:// to see the rest of what went on.

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