Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Myron's 60th Birthday Supper

Blogger and I have been battling the last few days! But I think maybe today I won :O)
Sunday, the 17th was Myron's 60th birthday. Last Friday night Sarah hosted a little birthday supper for our family. She had decided that the "Over the Hill" stuff had been done so much that we needed to be a little more creative. Her daddy is VERY wise and so she took that idea and came up with
"The Wise Old Owl"
Amy Shepherd a friend of ours made these adorable cookies for us which made the theme come to life !

Then she talked everyone in the family and came up with a BUNCH of things that Myron has said ALOT through his life. She wrote the quotes on balloons, and they were tied to owls.....
What a cute idea!!!
Aaron tried to get home from ND, but work interfered so he called his dad!
He was missed VERY much!!!
The birthday boy and his balloons
Dad with two of our three
Such a special night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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