Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Back !!

I am sure many of you are wondering WHERE I have been the last month.... Well, I have been helping some very dear friends!
We have been good friends with Richard and Wilma for almost 20 yrs. A little over a year ago Richard was diagnosed with cancer. God has given them a wonderful year though there were MANY rough spots! The last 6 weeks or so he has been in hospice and Wilma was able to keep him at home. About a month ago I started staying a couple of nights a week to keep her company and help where I could. Then after a couple of weeks I was needed every night, then within a week it was pretty much round the clock. A week ago today, The Lord took Richard HOME to be with Him. God was so good. There were a few VERY rough nights the last week and yet the last half hour was very peaceful. Myron allowed me to stay with her to do whatever she needed this last week as well. Yesterday was Richard's 75th birthday, and the night of the visitation was their 27th anniversary. Please pray for Wilma as she goes through this difficult time. God has been amazing HER at the grace he has given her through this time and she is SO thankful that she was able to keep him home, as he wanted! I love you, My Wilma friend !!!
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SIS said...

I missed you. Glad you're able to be back. Doing what you did is why God leaves us on earth after He saves us.

Candace said...

Missed ya!
Glad to see you back.