Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My FAVORITE Husband ! :O)

What can I say about the love of my life????? I married this man 35 years ago. He is amazing. I have never seen any man work any harder or any more dedicated to what ever he is doing. He loves The Lord and serves him with everything in his being. He has been such an example to everyone he meets. He has always been so loving and kind to me,but for the last several years I have had some major health issues and talk about a loving,caring sacrificing husband. I just can't Praise God enough for this wonderful man !!! Thank you , Sweetheart for all you have been to me ! I LOVE YOU !!!!

I have to say that NONE of these pictures are serious ones. They are a few of the fun ones through the last couple of years that bring back fun memories. maybe I will find just a really nice one to post on his birthday in Oct.

Here he is playing "basketball" with Ryan

A typical family get together MUST include a nap of some sort

He loves his grandchildren so much

This is precious to me because this little boy was causing a VERY BIG problem in a church service.He was too big for the nursery,so Myron just walked around the church with him during the WHOLE morning service. He was a screaming, hitting, NAUGHTY little guy when Myron started out with him, but by the end of the service they were BOTH smiling..... Again....WHAT A MAN GOD BLESSED ME WITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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photoeye said...

He's my favorite of your husbands too!!